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Blip Squinkies Aquarium Dispenser

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Blip Toys Aquarium Dispenser


  • Catch the 'wave' of collecting fun
  • 100's of squinkies to collect
  • Squinkies - the hottest toy around
  • Holds up to 15 bubbles
  • Collet them all

It’s fun under the sea with the new Aquarium Dispenser. Fill the sparkly, ocean dome with the sea-themed Squinkies and twist the dial for a Squinkies Aquarium surprise. A special wave encircles the dome for fun, bubble slide play as the playset base opens to a secret ocean world below. Fun accessories also included. Squinkies can rest on the coral seashell seat or have fun riding the ‘surfboard’ wave. Catch the 'wave' of collecting fun. 100's of Squinkies to collect. Squinkies - the hottest toy around. Holds up to 15 bubbles. Collet them all.


  • Product Measures: 11.5 IN x 5.75 IN x 9.5 IN
  • Recommended Ages: 4 - 15 years more

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